Stonybrook showcases several homes on display at our sales center in Thomasville, PA... featuring a size and design for every need! There are modular ranch homes, ranch manufactured homes, a modular cape code home, single-section manufactured homes, and a park model/RV home. The sales center is 12 miles west of York, PA on Route 30. In addition, up to two dozen additional model homes can be seen at the campus of our home manufacturer in Pine Grove, PA… only 75 miles from the Thomasville sales center!


Modular Homes - currently on display

Modular Homes - No longer on display (available to order)

Multi-Section Manufactured Homes

G-3356 Ranch Manufactured Home

G-3463 Ranch Manufactured Home

G-3462 Ranch Manufactured Home

G-4001 “Mount Nittany” Ranch Manufactured Home

G-3653 “Collinwood” Ranch Manufactured Home

The "Dutchman" Ranch Manufactured Home

Single-Section Manufactured Homes

G-618 Single-Section

G-626 Single-Section Home (Reduced Price!)

TT112-A Single-Section

The "Gemini" Single-Section Home (Coming Soon!)


"Park Model" RV Homes